WebData Data Analysis Tool

Every time you browse a website or use a web enabled Windows store application data is being downloaded to your machine. This data can represent over 80% of the size of your user profile and much of it is unnecessary and actually detrimental to your users and your business. it is one of the major reasons for slow logins and network bandwidth issues, and costly requiring large amounts of storage.


Much of this data is purely for the use of third parties allowing them to track your user behaviour and send data, both personal and confidential, to other companies who then sell this information on to companies who will use it for targeted advertising amongst other things.


The Avanite WebData Analysis tool is a stand-alone utility that you can run on any Windows machine including Terminal Servers which will show you how much of this data is present, and the savings that can be realistically realised with our WebData Control software. The tools supports all common Windows browsers and results are displayed for each, along with the number of known advertising and tracking cookies found on the system. Feel free to download the tool and we would be more than happy to discuss your results with you.

Download Analysis Tool