Enemy of the State

Posted: October 17th 2017

Most companies who create the tracking technologies will tell you that they do not collect your name. But that is not to say that they do not collect your email address, your physical address etc. This is also tied into the physical world. How many times you have made a store purchase only to be asked your email address – all this information is collated together to get a profile of you.

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Do you know who is coming to the party?

Posted: June 28th 2017

Do you know what data (the guests) is downloaded to your machine when you visit a website (the party). Let’s take a closer look. Doing a google search for the top 100 business websites I was directed to the following article which stated that Yahoo Finance was number 1 with 75,000,000 unique visitors a month – so this seems like a good venue for our party.

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Liza's corner of the world

Posted: January 1st 2017

Here you will find something a little different. Liza joined Avanite in 2016 and here she tells of how she made the transition from her previous role into working for Avanite. On her journey you'll learn how a non-techhie makes it in a technical world

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