WebData Control

The Problem

Web browsers are second to only email clients in their usage in business today. Accessing the internet can seem like a simple process but there are issues that every administrator needs to consider. With each web page browsed, or each internet connecting application launched, data is being created, and more importantly downloaded to the computer. This data can account for over 80% of your user profile and this has a direct effect on the user and the business. WebData Control was designed to directly address these issues.

Login Times

All administrators of virtual environments know the problems associated with profile bloat. Transferring large amounts of data at login has a direct effect on the login time. WebData Control reduces the size of the data and the number of files to copy with our customers reporting 30%-50% faster login times.

Privacy and Data Protection

The majority of data which is downloaded to your machine is not to required to use the website you are visiting and is primarily to track user behaviour and for advertising purposes. Much of this data actually comes from other third party sites rather than the one you are actively visiting. This is then responsible for sending data, much of it sensitive and confidential, to other businesses so that they can profile you and sell the data on. With new legislation regarding data privacy this is a real problem facing business today. WebData Control can be configured to remove all third party cookies and all known tracking and advertsing cookies.

Storage and Network Costs

To ensure a rich and consistent browsing experience web data must be saved between sessions. As this can run into 100s of Megabytes, even Gigabytes, this is an expensive cost to the business. The impact of thousands of small cookie files for each user also has an impact on SAN performance requiring better class storage to meet the needs, and none of this data is essential to your business. WebData Control removes the data you don't need and keeps just the data you want and our customers have realised savings of 80% on user profile size.


In addition to storing this data it has to be saved out at logoff and restored at login - the times where network utilization is at a peak. Reducing the amount of direct obviously has a direct impact on the network and improves performance of your systems as a whole.

Internet browsing, web based applications and cloud based services are becoming ever more mainstream. With this the problem of managing web data is more important than ever to ensure the best user experience and data privacy.

Avanite WebData Control is designed with the enterprise in mind and is the only software capable of managing web data across all major Windows browsers. Functionality includes complete management of cookies and Microsoft's webcachev01.dat.

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